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Carrot Cake

We believe in love. We believe in love stories. We believe in joyful events. We think savoring a sweet dessert makes life a little more beautiful.

Choose our cakes filled with fresh fruits

Should I add also fruits? What fruits am I choosing? Choose the flavor of the fruits and the freshness of the natural ingredients from the Prajiturela cakes.

Trio Cake

Often a cake can awaken a feeling, an emotion, a childhood memory, the loved ones that were lovingly prepared them. Prajiturela.ro aims to return the lost memories - soul for the people and dessert for the soul.

Pretzels with caraway

Watching football? Thinking of a cold beer? Choose a delightful combination with salted pretzels, very tasty, crisp and neat, wonderful served with a pint of beer.


Fluffy cakes, crisp, rich in walnuts and cocoa cake, the Romanian traditional recipe will always make you think of childhood, leisure, the time spent with loved ones ...



Welcome to our site!

Prajiturela.ro is the story of the child in us. Out of the passion for sweet and good taste , we invite you to discover a magical realm meant to sweeten you and make you rediscover the child in you.

Here you will find products designed to satisfy any curiosity tailor special : products for people who are on diet products and even post products for people with diabetes.

For us, you are important , so you will find that everything from us is fresh, healthy and natural , inspired by grandmother's authentic recipes , and new and original recipes for cookies, cakes that will make you discover the perfect delicious taste.

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