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Prajiturela was founded with great enthusiasm in early 2014 with the desire to bring a breath of freshness and sophistication to what we call “the cherry on the cake of our life”, namely the dessert.
We believe that every table at any event, can be ennobled with an elegant and refined dessert.
Created only with fresh and natural ingredients, carefully combined in traditional recipes, but also original, our cakes are made to be a delight for the senses, both in appearance and in flavor.

  • Description:

    • With a unique presentation, our cakes are the delight of all the events as weddings, corporate events, private parties or just as a surprise to a dear person. The ingredients used in the preparation of cakes, pastries, cookies are all traditional (eggs, butter, walnuts, cream, sweeteners etc).
      In an era and a field dominated by artificial substitutes for all ingredients, we intend to remain true to the tradition of respect for your health. Our products are handmade with much minuteness, not serial products, industrial .

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